Running Boar Rifle

Running Boar Rifle Results


It was “Oktoberfest” in July at Otto Rd Shooting Range as eight shooters came out to test their rifle skills at the annual Running Boar Match. Since Running Boar is a common shooting sport in Germany during Oktoberfest all shooters received a Beer Stein (minus the Beer of course). The Running Boar course has its origins in Europe and was one of the original Olympic Shooting Sports when the Modern Olympics started in 1896. In some European countries hunters are required to qualify on a running game target before being granted a hunting license.

Running Boar is a tough shooting sport—all shooters are advised to “check their ego at the firing line” as they attempt to hit a 10 ring about the size of a half dollar at 90 feet from a standing low or high ready position at the Running Boar Target which moves at 15 feet per second and is exposed for only four seconds. It's a true test of rifle "snap shooting” skills — a total of 20 shots are fired. 10 shots as the target moves from left to right and 10 shots as the target moves from right to left.

There were three divisions, Semi Auto rifle, Sporter manual repeater/single shot rifle, and for junior shooters .22 Rimfire.

Congratulations to Renee Krawiec who was the high overall shooter with a score of 132-0X and high semi auto shooter. Renee thus holds the title of “Schutzenkoenig” (King of the Marksmen)!

1st place in Sporter Rifle was Craig Deuel and first place in Jr. .22 Rimfire was his son Ethan. Well done everyone and thanks for helping me take down the moving target equipment after the match concluded.

Complete results on PRACTISCORE at this link: