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"2019 Steamboat Challenge" NRA Action Pistol Regional and WY State results

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Action Pistoleros and Pistoleras,

The 5th “Steamboat Challenge” NRA Action Pistol Regional and WY State Championship concluded on Sunday August 18 2019.   Action Pistol shooters from four points of the compass converged on “The Capital of the Old West”  for a great weekend of Action Pistol competition at the Otto Road Shooting Range in Cheyenne, Wyoming.   

“Steamboat Challenge” pays homage to Steamboat.  Born in 1896, he was a Wyoming bred black gelding who was huge, ornery and known as the horse that couldn’t be ridden.   As a colt he sustained a broken bone in his nose that caused him to make an odd whistling sound when he bucked earning him the name “Steamboat”.  The Steamboat legend lives on as he is the official state symbol of Wyoming.   

We had fair skies but high winds—especially Saturday for the Regional with strong westerly winds gusting to 40 MPH.  On Sunday the winds came out of the south and abated to a much more tolerable level.  The Saturday Regional match consisted of the traditional four events that make up the NRA Bianchi Cup National Championship—The Moving Target, The Barricade, The Practical and the Falling Plates.  The Sunday Wyoming Championship was different.  We announced two of the four events months ago  in the match program those being the “Texas” Moving Target and The Falling Plates.  The other two events were not known until the Saturday shooters meeting by using a spinning wheel commonly encountered on prize tables.  The other events on the spinning wheel were those in the NRA Action Pistol Rulebook not fired at the NRA Bianchi Cup.  For the Sunday match the other two events were Ambidextrous Plates and The Barricade (Modified).   The Ambi Plates event is a difficult course requiring some strong and weak hand unsupported shooting under the same time limits as the traditional Falling Plates course.   A decent score is over 400 --  Adam Sokolowski of the US Army Marksmanship Unit led the way with a “clean” score of 480-48X.  Impressive!

Complete results for the Regional and State Championship at this link:   (Note:  for the WY State Match the Ambi Plates score is listed under the Practical.  The scoring program used is set up only for the traditional Bianchi Cup events and cannot be changed) 

Also on our Facebook Page at this link:  

Steamboat is “powered” by our dedicated volunteers -- kudos to Renee Krawiec-Chief Stats Officer, John Sanders -Jury Chairman, John Granner- Chief Range Safety Officer, and our cadre of RSO’s-- Robert Gaskins, Troy Krawiec, Alex Ragulsky and Marshall Steege and son Bridger.  Without their indefatigable efforts we’d have no match!  We also had some assistants to the RO’s—Caroline, Cassidy and John Fay --they worked for tips and thanks to all the competitors who tipped generously.  The kids were grateful and are using the tip money to help buy school supplies. 

Also a big thank you and tip of the hat to our supporters and sponsors!

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Next years Steamboat Challenge is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of August 15 & 16, 2020.  Mark your calendars and hope to see you all again in ‘Ol Cheyenne!

Best Regards,

Andy Rayland