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Precision Rifle

OTTO ROAD SHOOTING RANGE                       


Two distinctly different matches are held for precision rifle shooters.                 

Stationary Firing Point Matches

January 29     February 26     March 26     June 25     October 29     December 17                  

·       Course stages may vary each month.  All targets are engaged from one stationary firing point.  All stages are timed.  Firing positions are primarily prone but some targets may require sitting, standing, kneeling or bench. 

·       Targets are primarily steel plates at various distances but some paper targets may be included.  Plate sizes range from 3” to 12” and ranges are from 100 to 700 yards.                     

·       Matches generally  require 35 to 40 rounds               

Tactical Precision Matches         

April 23     May 28     July 23     August 27     September 24     November 26                       

·       Shooter positions for this match are limited to 12.  Sign up must be in advance of the match.  Signup procedures are HERE.          

·       Course stages, firing points and firing positions vary each month.  All stages are timed.  Targets are primarily steel plates, some paper targets may be included.  Plate sizes vary from 3” to 16” and ranges are primarily between 200 and 700; yards, some targets may exceed 800 yards.  Shooters are required to walk ¼ to ¾ mile over hilly rough terrain and are required to carry all personal shooting related gear.           

·       Firing positions may be from of odd angles, positions, and uneven ground.

·       Matches are generally between 40 and 50 rounds.  


All standard calibers up to and including .308 diameter bullets of 165 grain or less and having a muzzle velocity of less than 3,100 fps.  No solid, tracer, or armor piercing bullets.  Any ammunition may be restricted by the Match Director or Range Officer if it is found to be damaging or dangerous.


Signup begins at 0730, Shooting begins 0830

Match fee is $10/gun

Sign up HERE


Questions about these shoots can be directed to Glenn at

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