Action Pistoleros and Pistoleras,

We had our first NRA Action Pistol Club level match of the season at the Otto Rd Shooting Range.  A great turnout with representation in all divisions with 19 guns registered.  Thanks to everyone for supporting NRA Action Pistol at Otto Rd Range and hope to see you all back the first Saturday in May for our next match.  

We were pleased to have two “first timers”  join us who have never fired in any level of competitive shooting.  Welcome to Chris Hauser and a new junior shooter --12 year old Caroline Fay.  Both “first timers" fired the “short” course, kept expectations in check, and adhered to all our safety procedures.  We enjoy having junior shooters join the fun and hope to see more participation as the shooting season progresses.  

Weather was great for most of the day then the wind picked up in the early afternoon.  We fired the Moving Target (Modified), the Practical, The Falling Plates, and a new club level course called “Plate Chaos” which required shooting at a plate rack with reloading and shooting with weak and strong hand with a prescribed number of shots under time pressure.   192 shots were fired with a maximum possible score of 1920-192X.  Competitive Divisions were:  Open, Metallic Sights, Production and Rimfire.  

Top Three OPEN

Andy Rayland 1785-142X
Alex Ragulsky 1706-124X
Dietrich Whitesides 1372-76X


Jon Briggs 1345-82X
Troy Krawiec 1168-57X
Bridger Steege *(Junior) 1017 49X


Jon Briggs 1578-107X
Luke Rippy 1271-71X
Robert Gaskins 1271-71X


Alex Ragulsky 1804-135X
Glenn Herbst 1600-103X
Marshall Steege 1434-92X


Bridger Steege (Rimfire) 1393-80X

The PRACTISCORE program was used to record and tabulate scores.  Complete PRACTISCORE results at this link:

Thanks top all who helped setup and take down the range equipment.  See you next month!

Andy Rayland