Things got “wet and sandy” at Otto Rd Range today for the monthly NRA Action Pistol match.  There were scattered thunderstorms and unseasonably cool temperatures made for extremely challenging shooting conditions for everybody.  At least the wind wasn’t blowing!  Match took a bit longer than usual because the bottom cable to the Moving Target equipment got severed by an errant bullet and it took extra time to repair the damage and resume shooting. 

We divided into two squads and used PRACTISCORE program for scoring the events.  Thanks to Alex Ragulsky and Jon Briggs for running squad #2 and keeping things moving along.  Also, we were pleased to have Otto Rd Range members Wendy Troutman and Wally Daniels stop by to observe events and get practice being a RO.  Wendy and Wally have graciously volunteered their time to help RO shooting events for the 4th Steamboat Challenge” NRA Action Pistol Regional and WY State Championship to be held at the Otto Rd Range on August 18 & 19.  Welcome to Colorado shooter Roy Batzel.  Roy and the rest of the “Colorado Gang” from the Aurora gun club made the short trip north to join us for the match.  We appreciate their support of NRA Action Pistol at Otto Rd Range!   

Notwithstanding the inclement weather there were some good scores posted.  174 shots fired with a maximum possible score of 1740-174X.  This month’s match had two traditional Bianchi Cup events the Moving Target and the Falling Plates.  The other two events were International Rapid Fire and The Speedload Challenge.  International Rapid Fire has been a Olympic medal event since the advent of the modern Olympics in 1896.  In NRA Action Pistol it's a bit different requiring draw from holster and a two hand hold but the par times remain the same.  It's a 30 shot event on five targets at 25 meters—draw and fire one shot on each target in 8 seconds, then the time is reduced to 6 seconds and then its 4 seconds.  Maximum possible score is 300 points and 30 X’s.  The Speedload Challenge events requires shooting at three targets with mandatory reloads under time pressure and shooting with weak hand and strong hand only and at distances from 10 yards to 50 yards.  

High overall was Andy Rayland with a 1659-95X, High Metallic Sights was Steve Knoll with a 1550-83X and high Production was Jon Briggs with a 1448-52X.  

Thanks to Marshall and Bridger Steege who arrived early to help me set things up and kudos to all the shooters who helped take down the range equipment after the match concluded.  

Our next NRA Action Pistol match will be Saturday July 28.  It’s not on the range calendar yet but I’ll get it posted.  Next month’s match will be a tune up for the “Steamboat Challenge” Regional and State matches so it will be the four traditional Bianchi Cup events The Practical, Moving Target, Falling Plates and Barricade.  See you on the range and bring a friend! 

PRACTISCORE Match results at this link: