28th Silver Bullet Indoor NRA Action Tournament

Otto Road Action Pistol shooters had a great showing at the 28th “Silver Bullet” Indoor NRA Action Pistol Tournament 
conducted on 23 and 24 February at the Rawlins Family Recreation Center Indoor Shooting Range in Rawlins, Wyoming.
32 guns were registered with competitors from all over Wyoming and Colorado. The match program consisted of four events conducted over the weekend. 

“Combat”: A variation of the classic Police Pistol Combat (PPC) course shooting from standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions as well as strong and weak side barricades. 60 shots with a maximum score possible of 600 points (No “X” count scored) 

“Los Alamitos”: which requires shooting at three separate turning targets under time pressure freestyle, weak hand only, strong hand only and from around barricades from 7 yards to 25 yards. 42 shots fired with a maximum possible score of 420-42X 

The Practical: which requires shooting at two targets under time pressure at distances from 10 yards to 50 yards. 48 shots fired with a maximum possible score of 480-48X 

The Falling Plates: which requires shooting at a rack of six 8-inch diameter steel plates which fall down when hit under time pressure at distances from 10 yards to 25 yards. 48 shots fired with a maximum possible score of 480-48X. 

Maximum possible score: 1980- 138X 

There were three competitive categories: “Unlimited” which featured handguns with unlimited modifications such as optics and compensators. “Limited” which featured handguns from production level to heavily modified guns but no optics or compensators permitted, and finally,”Rimfire” which features handguns of all types that fire the .22 LR cartridge. 

Otto Road shooter Andy Rayland was first place overall with a score of 1930-102X. Andy fired a Smith & Wesson K-Frame .38 Special revolver loaded with Chey-Cast Hi-Tek Coated bullets. He also was high shooter in Master Qualification. Additionally, he finished first place in Rimfire firing a Smith & Wesson K-Frame .22 LR revolver with a score of 1963-109X --99.14% which qualified for “High Master” rimfire qualification in NRA Action Pistol. 

Otto Road shooter John Granner of Ft. Collins CO had a personal best indoor match in centerfire and rimfire. John, firing a Glock-17 9mm in Unlimited finished 2nd in Expert qualification and 4th overall with a score of 1830-96X. In Rimfire, firing a Ruger MK Series Pistol, he fired a great match finishing 2nd overall along with his first ever perfect score of 480-48X on the Falling Plates with a score of 1911-92X – 96.5% good for promotion to “Master” Qualification. Well done John! 

Otto Road shooters and Father and Son duo of Marshall and Bridger Steege fired their first Indoor Action Pistol Regional level match and also “done good”. Marshall, shooting in Unlimited, fired a score of 1664-66X good for “Sharpshooter” qualification and 11-year-old son Bridger finished ahead of his father in Rimfire with a score of 1726-75X. Also, Bridger won the drawing for a SCCY 9mm Pistol. 

Otto Road shooters and Husband and Wife duo of Troy and Renee Krawiec also competed in their first indoor Action Pistol Regional match. There was close and fun competition between the two of them all through the match with Troy prevailing with a score of 1487-41X and Renee slightly behind with a 1464- but out X’d Troy with 47X. Additionally, Troy finished 3rd and Renee 4th in the highly competitive Marksman qualification. 

The “Silver Bullet” Indoor NRA Action Pistol Tournament is a great mid-winter match. The range is climate controlled, well ventilated and well illuminated. There is something for everyone from novice to high master and is highly recommended! 

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