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Defensive Pistol



Defensive pistol matches are designed to promote and enhance a shooters ability to safely shoot in 
stressful situations.  Stages of fire require shooting at multiple targets of paper and or steel, firing from various positions, required reloading and movement around barriers. Stages usually require 12 or more rounds, matches consist of five to seven stages with total round counts between 100 and 150.  
All shooters are required to have eye and hearing protection.

All shooting is with centerfire ammunition, minimum caliber 9mm/.38 special, no magnum or +P ammunition is permitted. All handguns must be secured in a holster which fully protects the trigger and prevents the gun from falling from the holster by either a securing strap or compression.

Cold range rules apply during matches. All firearms will remain holstered and unloaded at all times until under the direction of a range officer at the start of the shooters course of fire.  Pistol caliber carbines must have a chamber flag inserted when not engaged in a stage of fire. PCC movement not hot,  muzzle should always be straight up or straight down.

Production: Factory production guns such as Glock, S&W, XD, Beretta. No ported barrels ore compensators
Factory produced slide ports are allowed. Magazines limited to factory capacities. open sights, post and notch
Single Stack: 1911 style handguns, 10 round capacity or less, open sights, post and notch
Limited: high capacity framed guns such as those made by STI. No barrel porting or compensators. Open sights, post and notch
Carry Optics: Factory manufactured for the purpose of mounting an optic sight on the slide in place of a steel notch. Does not include customized guns with optic sights mounted on slide or frame
Revolver: A handgun which can be cocked and fired with a single pull of the trigger. A revolving cylinder/chamber holding 6 to 8 rounds, not a single action revolver. Open sights, post and rear notch.
Open: Any mount optic, compensators, barrel ports.
Pistol Caliber Carbine: Firearm designed to be fired from shoulder using pistol caliber ammunition, optic or open sights:

Shooters Divisions:  Men, Women, Seniors 60+, Super Seniors 70+.No shooters under the age of 18. 

Matches are held the second Saturday of each month, excluding the months of December, January and February.  Signup for matches May, September, October, November begins 8:00 AM, shooting begins 
9:00 AM Signup for matches June, July, August begins 7:00 AM Shooting begins 8:00 AM

September match is a fund-raising event for the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative and is an extreme match event of 200+ rounds. Details will be posted separately prior to the match.

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