What is Cowboy Action Shooting??  Well, the best way to describe it is there is a “Little Cowboy in all of us”

If you grew up watching westerns in theaters or on TV or studied history of the old west and the many key players of that period of time.  If you dreamt of or studied their firearms, leather, clothing, or other equipment then Cowboy Action Shooting might be your game.

We in this sport use two (2) single action pistols, a lever action rifle of the 1860-1895 period and either a double barrel shotgun of either external or internal hammers or a 1887 lever action shotgun or a 1897 external hammer pump shotgun.  We wear clothing dating from the 1860’s to 1880’s or of the more modern “B” western type outfits.

We use a type of cart to move our firearms, ammo and equipment from stage to stage.

Now for the sport of the game.  We are shooting at metal targets (for instant gratification) and at times charcoal fliers, clay birds or soda cans.

There are generally 5-6 stages per day and each stage has a shooting order or scenario that the shooter must follow using the required fire arms for that scenario, normally the 2 pistols loaded with 5 rounds each, rifle loaded, and the shotgun empty and staged.

Key things about Cowboy Action Shooting are safety (loaded firearms) and having fun meeting super friendly folks.  So if this sounds like something you would like to do then come join our sport.

Watch a video of a Cowboy match here.

Cowboy Shooting

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Cheyenne, Wyoming
Assassin ~ (307) 287-6733

Byers, Colorado
Sweetwater Bill ~ (303) 366-8827

Briggsdale, Colorado
Kid Bucklin ~ (970) 493-1813

Wellington, Colorado
I.B. Oneeye ~ (970) 493-3799 or
Knight Creek Ranger (307) 775-5284