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Bowling Pin Shoot

Sponsored by Chey Cast Bullets


Cold range rules apply. No unnecessary gun handling. All firearms will be in a safe condition at all times
except when shooter is in the shooters box. Handguns will be holstered or bagged with the magazine
removed or cylinder empty, hammer /striker down, chamber empty. Long guns will be cased, magazine
removed, hammer/striker down, chamber empty. This will be the “SAFE CONDITION” 

Match will be shot man on man. 3 runs per match, best two wins match, if a shooter wins 2 consecutive
runs match is over.

Shooters will start in the shooters box , this is the only area firearms will be handled under the direction of
the RO. A dropped firearm or 180 rule violation in the firing box will result in disqualification.

On the “LOAD AND MAKE READY” command, the shooter may remove his firearm from his holster
bag or case and while keeping firearm pointed down range and fingers out of the trigger guard, shooters
will load and make ready to fire. Each run will start with shooter standing, firearm touching table, finger
outside trigger guard.

When both shooters have assumed the ready position the R.O. will ask “READY RIGHT” “READY
LEFT” If RO receives no negative reply they will give the command “STANDBY” followed by the
audible start signal.

On the start signal shooters will engage their pins until all their pins are on the ground. When one shooter
gets all 5 of his pins the RO will again sound the audible signal, this indicates the end of the run. If a
shooter empties his gun before the second signal, he may safely reload and continue to clear his pins.

Once a winner has been determined RO will announce “WINNER” right or left.

On the command “MAKE SAFE” shooters will clear their firearms, revolvers will have all ammo and
brass removed and the cylinder swung opened, autos will have all ammo and brass removed and the
magazine removed, slide or bolt locked to the rear, autos that cannot be locked opened will have a empty
chamber indicator inserted into the chamber. Guns will be placed on the shooters table pointed at the near
side berm on an approx. 45 degree angle. Shooter will then step out of the shooters box and remain out
until start of next run.

RO will check guns and if satisfied will give the “RANGE IS SAFE” command at which time pin setters
can go down range and set pins.

The above procedures will be repeated until the match is complete. After the last run of the match: on the
“MAKE SAFE” command shooters will clear guns, RO will check them then guns will put in SAFE
CONDITION” and can be holstered, bagged or cased before shooter leaves the shooting box, taking their
firearm with them.

Brassing will only be done between matches after firearms are removed from the shooting position. The
SHOOTING POSITION is the area forward of the RO.

Center fire shooters will load no more than 7 rounds. Minimum caliber is 9mm/.38

Rim fire shooters will load no more than 10 rounds. 22 LR is the only cartridge allowed.

Junior shooters will be accompanied by their parent or guardian when in the shooting position. 

Bowling Pin Montage

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Check out this video from our December 15, 2012 shoot.
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