Running Boar Shoot 2016

A great day for the inaugural Running Boar Rifle Match at Otto Rd Shooting Range.  We had shooters in all the main categories of Centerfire Optics, Centerfire Metallic Sights, Rimfire Optics and Rimfire Metallic Sights.  Running Boar Rifle shooting has its origins with “Schutzenfest” activities in Germany and was an Olympic Shooting Sport up to the 1990’s when it was replaced with “Running Target”. 

Its a difficult shooting game requiring the shooter to stand at the 30 yard line hold their rifle in a ready position and as soon as the Boar appears shoulder, aim and fire one shot at the Boar target as it moves at 15 feet per second for only four seconds.  No dithering allowed!  The scoring rings are small and unforgiving—the “X” ring is less that 1 inch in diameter and the 10 ring is about 2 inches in diameter.    Competitors fired a total of 10 shots at the Boar Target as it moved from right to left, then 10 shots as it moved from left to right.  Total of 20 shots maximum possible score is 200-20X.  Some good shooting today as everyone got out of their comfort zone and worked on their “snap-shoot” rifle skills—well done!!

Justin Clark was high overall shooting Rimfire Metallic Sights with a score of 116-3X.  Justin has the honorary “Schutzenfest” title of “Schutzenkoenig” —“King of the Marksmen”  

Mitch Haden was high Centerfire Optics and tied Justin with an excellent 116-0X but Justin had more X’s to finish first overall.   

Kudos to Hank VanGoethen who scored over 100 points in Centerfire Metallic Sights shooting a Winchester 1873 Replica with .38 Special Cowboy Action loads.  Well done Hank!