Running Boar 2017

A little taste of Oktoberfest at Otto Road Shooting Range for the Running Boar Rifle Match.  All match proceeds went to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.  Thanks to all shooters for their generous donations!!   Running Boar is a difficult test of a rifleman's snap shooting skill against a moving target and is a popular shooting sport throughout Europe and Scandinavia.  There are many variations but at Otto Rd the shooter stands at 30 yards, with rifle loaded and stock off the shoulder.  The Running Boar target is concealed behind a barricade when ready the boar target appears and will travel 60 feet in four (4) seconds before it disappears behind another barricade.  The shooter is required to shoulder the rifle, acquire sights and proper lead and squeeze off one shot.  The shooter repeats that procedure for ten (10) shots on the Boar target moving from Left to Right, then the target is changed and the shooter repeats the procedure on the Boar Target moving from Right to Left.   Total of 20 shots fired with a maximum possible score of 200-20X.  

At Otto Rd there are four Divisions:  Centerfire Rifle with Optics, Centerfire Rifle without Optics, Rimfire Rifle with Optics, Rimfire Rifle without Optics.  

High Overall shooter and holder of mythical title of "Scheutzenkonig" (King of the Marksman) was John Granner shooting Rimfire without Optics score of 123-2X

High Centerfire Optics:  Rick Ginter 108-1X

High Rimfire Optics:  Renee Krawiec 70-1X

Other scores:  

John Granner CF Optics 103-0X
Andy Rayland CF Optics 100-0X\
Renee Krawiec CF Optics 93-0X
Matt Ginter CF Optics 79-0X

Check out this video of the match!

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