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OTTO ROAD SHOOTING RANGE is a private, members only range

located 8 miles West of Cheyenne, WY, on Otto Road.  

Follow West Lincolnway until it turns into Otto Road.


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Get ready for hunting season by participating in the Running Boar Rifle Match at the Otto Rd Shooting Range on Saturday Sept 17 starting at 11AM.  Match fee is only $10.00 and all proceeds go to the Otto Rd range for the promotion and support of the shooting sports. Fee for second gun is $5.00.  Juniors accompanied by an adult shoot free.   Running Boar shooting is a lot of fun and has its origins with “Schutzenfest” activities in Germany.  Running Boar will test your hunting skill by having to shoot at a Running Boar target which moves between two barricades for 60 feet and is exposed for four seconds.  At the 50 yard line the  shooter will stand with rifle in ready position—the boar will appear from behind a barricade, and travel for 60 feet.  The shooter will shoulder his/her rifle establish proper lead and fire one shot at the boar before it disappears behind the other barricade.  The shooter will fire 10 shots at the Running Boar as it moves from right to left direction and fire 10 shots at the Running Boar as it moves from left to right direction.  Total of 20 shots fired maximum possible score is 200-20X.  High scoring shooter will have the mythical title of “Schutzenkoenig” (King Of The Marksman) bestowed upon him/her.  Competition Divisions:  Centerfire rifle with optics.  Centerfire rifle without optics.  Rimfire rifle with optics.  Rimfire rifle without optics.  If you have any questions contact Andy Rayland at 307-640-0396.  See you on Saturday and bring a friend!

Otto Road Shooting Range was proud to host Governor Matt Mead in proclaiming August 22 as Wyoming Day at The Range!

Congratulations to Otto Road Range competitive shooter Renee Krawiec for finishing #1 in the Ladies Division at the American Marksman Rocky Mountain Regionals!  Renee had a great weekend of championship level pistol and rifle shooting and finished in first place among the top women shooters in the Region.  Renee now advances to the American Marksman National Finals representing the Rocky Mountain Region.  We are all proud of Renee’s significant competitive shooting achievement and we wish her the best of luck at the American Marksman National Finals in Talladega, Alabama.   For details go to the American Marksman website at :  http://ammarksman.com 

The 2016 edition of the “Steamboat Challenge” NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship was conducted over the weekend.  34 competitors from seven states traveled to ‘Ol Cheyenne for a weekend of Championship level Action Pistol Competition.  Otto Road Shooting Range was pleased to host members of the US Army’s elite Marksmanship Unit from Fort Benning, Georgia and eight time Women's National Action Pistol Champion Ms. Vera Koo.  During the Saturday Regional Championship Wyoming Governor Matt Mead stopped by to observe shooting events and meet and greet all the competitors.  Governor Mead is a stalwart supporter of the NRA, Second Amendment Rights and all shooting sports activities and we were "beyond pleased" to have him stop by and support this competition!   

The Saturday Regional Championship shooting program was the same as the NRA Bianchi Cup National Action Pistol Championship held every year in Columbia, MO.  There were four shooting events:  The Practical, The Moving Target, The Barricade, and the Falling Plates.  All events require the competitor to draw his/her handgun from a holster and shoot with high accuracy under time pressure.  Each event is a test of the competitors handgun shooting skills under a variety of difficult conditions.  A total of 192 shots were fired for the Saturday Regional with a maximum possible score of 1920-192X

Top three competitors:

NRA Gold Medallion:  James Avenell, Columbia, MO 1920-172X

NRA Silver Medallion:  Troy Mattheyer, Ellis, KS 1918-159X

NRA Bronze Medallion:  Jonah Avenell, Columbia, MO 1905-144X

Find Regional scores here.

The Sunday Wyoming State Championship shooting program consisted of four events:  The “Texas” Moving Target, The Barricade (Modified) The Falling Plates and International Rapid Fire (Modified)  Total of 174 shots fired and a maximum possible score of 1740-174X 

Top Three:

1st Place WY State Champion:  Troy Mattheyer, Ellis, KS 1699-128X

2nd Place:  James Avenell, Columbia, MO 1685-135X

3rd Place:  Jon Stoehr, Burke, VA 1682-115X

Find Regional scores here.

A BIG thank you goes out to Hank and Dee VanGoethen, managers of the Otto Rd Shooting Range for their complete support and to the volunteers whose selfless dedication to the match made it run smoothly.  Competitor feedback was overwhelmingly positive!  Thanks to all.  NRA Action Pistol Matches are held monthly at Otto Road Shooting Range—check the range calendar for the next date. If you’re interested in participating is this challenging and rewarding handgun shooting sport contact Andy Rayland, Action Pistol Coordinator at 307-640-0396.  See you on the range!

Below are some pictures of Governor Mead meeting members of the US Army Marksmanship Unit from Fort Benning, GA

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Andy Rayland
Match Director

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