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OTTO ROAD SHOOTING RANGE is a private, members only range

located 8 miles West of Cheyenne, WY, on Otto Road.  

Follow West Lincolnway until it turns into Otto Road.

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A great turnout Sunday, July 19th, for the NRA "Approved" Action Pistol Match at Otto Rd Shooting Range.  "Approved" match means this match was sanctioned by the NRA and all scores are submitted to NRA for official classification.  17 Competitors (many firing in competition for the first time) fired the four Bianchi Cup Events--The Practical, The Moving Target, The Falling Plates and The Barricade.  A total of 192 rounds were fired and all new shooters got classified in the sport of NRA Action Pistol.  Maximum possible score is 1920-192X.  

Top shooters were:

1st Open:  Andy Rayland  1851-130X

1st Metallic:  Steve Printz 1213-49X

1st Production:  Justin Clark 1705-86X

1st Rimfire Open:  Justin Clark 1875-130X

1st Rimfire Production: Glenn Herbst: 1640-75X

1st Woman (Centerfire) Stephanie Neuman  1287-54X

1st Woman (Rimfire) Ashley Clark 1432-45X

A big THANK YOU to Glenn Herbst who without his assistance there would not be any matches at Otto Rd Range.  Thanks Glenn!  Also kudos to competitors who help set up, take down, score targets and enter data into computer.  

Next month is the BIG event--the first "Steamboat Challenge" NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship at Otto Rd Shooting Range--mark your calendars for August 15 and 16.  Shooters of all skill levels are invited to compete!  Some of the best shooters in the USA are traveling to Cheyenne for this match.  Its good to compete with the best--"all boats rise with the tide!"

Registration and match information is available at the match website:

HERE are the full results for the July 2015 match. 

Precision Rifle Matches


Two different courses of fire are now offered.  Precision/Hunter and Tactical Precision will be offered on alternating months.  Tactical Precision Matches are restricted to 10 shooters, first 10 to sign up shoot, others may assist in spotting and scoring.



Shoot held Sunday after Steel Challenge Pistol Shoot which is held on the 4th Saturday of the month.  Signup  begins at 7:30 AM Shooting starts 8:00 AM $10.00 per gun, Winner of each division has entry fee returned, all other proceeds return to Otto Road Shooting Range to support future rifle matches.

See Hunter/Tactical Rifle page for more information.

Questions can be directed to Glenn Herbst

Thank you to all of our members that came out 
over the past weekends to build the new pavilion near bays 1-6.  
We appreciate all of your help.  
An extra special thank you to Chris for all of his expertise 
and for picking up most of the materials.  
We hope you will all enjoy the new addition.

Visit our Calendar and Special Events pages 
for more information on upcoming events being held on the range.

Welcome to Otto Road Shooting Range

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