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OTTO ROAD SHOOTING RANGE is a private, members only range

located 8 miles West of Cheyenne, WY, on Otto Road.  

Follow West Lincolnway until it turns into Otto Road.

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Otto Road Shooting Range, Defensive Pistol Shooters are once again leading the way in our annual effort to promote responsible shooting and shooters, as good neighbors and community members.  This is the third year that Otto Road Shooting Range has stood behind our efforts to support worthy causes in Cheyenne.  
Breast Cancer has touched so many of us and it was easy for us to join Kristi Weidenbach in her annual fund raising efforts.  During the month of September all range fees and much of the shooters fees will be donated to Breast Cancer research.  We will also accept donations from anyone if you would like to donate just drop your donation off to the office or to the Range Officer at our monthly matches.
Please come out and have some fun shooting.  Check the calendar at ottoroadshootingrange.com for the start time of the following matches:

Bowling Pins September 1st
Defensive Pistol September 9th
22 LR Challenge September 10th
Running Boar September 17th
Pistol Steel September 23rd
Two Gun Match     September 24th
TWAW September 24th

A little taste of Oktoberfest at Otto Road Shooting Range for the Running Boar Rifle Match.  All match proceeds went to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.  Thanks to all shooters for their generous donations!!   Running Boar is a difficult test of a rifleman's snap shooting skill against a moving target and is a popular shooting sport throughout Europe and Scandinavia.  There are many variations but at Otto Rd the shooter stands at 30 yards, with rifle loaded and stock off the shoulder.  The Running Boar target is concealed behind a barricade when ready the boar target appears and will travel 60 feet in four (4) seconds before it disappears behind another barricade.  The shooter is required to shoulder the rifle, acquire sights and proper lead and squeeze off one shot.  The shooter repeats that procedure for ten (10) shots on the Boar target moving from Left to Right, then the target is changed and the shooter repeats the procedure on the Boar Target moving from Right to Left.   Total of 20 shots fired with a maximum possible score of 200-20X.  

At Otto Rd there are four Divisions:  Centerfire Rifle with Optics, Centerfire Rifle without Optics, Rimfire Rifle with Optics, Rimfire Rifle without Optics.  

High Overall shooter and holder of mythical title of "Scheutzenkonig" (King of the Marksman) was John Granner shooting Rimfire without Optics score of 123-2X

High Centerfire Optics:  Rick Ginter 108-1X

High Rimfire Optics:  Renee Krawiec 70-1X

Other scores:  

John Granner CF Optics 103-0X
Andy Rayland CF Optics 100-0X\
Renee Krawiec CF Optics 93-0X
Matt Ginter CF Optics 79-0X

Check out this video of the match!

The 3rd annual “Steamboat Challenge” NRA Action Pistol Regional and Wyoming State Championship at Otto Road Shooting Range concluded on Sunday.  Over 30 competitors from Wyoming, the Front Range and five other States traveled to Cheyenne to put their skills to the test in what is often called “Precision Pistol Shooting at Speed”.   “Steamboat Challenge” pays homage to Steamboat -- a Wyoming bred horse from over 100 years ago, one of the greatest bucking broncos of all time and the State Symbol of Wyoming. 

Saturdays NRA Regional match got off to a great start with a visit from Cheyenne Mayor Marian J. Orr who fired the first shot to kick off the tournament.  The Regional match consisted of four separate shooting events which tested competitors shooting skills to fire at a moving target, around barricades, multiple targets at distances up to 50 yards, and a bank of 8 inch steel plates which fall down when hit.  There were 192 rounds fired with a maximum possible score of 1920-192X. 

The Sunday Wyoming State Championship match was similar to the Regional but required reloading a pistol or revolver under time pressure and still maintaining very high accuracy standards.  KGWN NewsChannel 5 in Cheyenne stopped by and did a news report about the match and Nephi Cole, Special Advisor to Wyoming Governor Matt Mead visited with staff and competitors and presented them with commemorative Governor Coins.  The Wyoming State Championship also consisted of 192 rounds fired with a maximum score of 1920-192X.   At the end of both days Members of the elite US Army Marksmanship Unit from Fort Benning, GA swept the top three positions.  NRA Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded for the Saturday Regional and Custom Championship Belt Buckles were awarded to the top three finishers for the Wyoming State Championship.  In addition to the top awards,  special  plaques were presented to competitors finishing at the top in special categories such as Grand Senior, Senior, Junior. Woman, and Law Enforcement.

A highlight of the State Championship was young Bridger Steege of Cheyenne, WY.  Bridger is only 10 years old and shooting in his first major tournament.  Bridger finished as the top Junior and high overall shooter in the Rimfire Division.  Well done young Bridger!  

Thank you to the competitors and our volunteers who helped set up, run the matches and take down.  Major sponsors for the match are:  Visit Cheyenne, Chey-Cast Bullets, Starline Brass, Hodgdon Powder, Burris Optics, Redding Reloading Equipment, ESS Sport Glasses.  Finally a big thank you to Hank and Dee Vangoethen, Managers of the Otto Rd Shooting Range for hosting the tournament.  

Complete match results can be found on the Steamboat Challenge website:  https://sites.google.com/view/steamboatchallenge

Want to get involved in NRA Action Pistol shooting?  Monthly matches are held at the Otto Road Shooting Range.  Check the range calendar at the range website:  ottoroadshootingrange.com  For additional information contact Andy Rayland at 307-640-0396 or email at arayland@charter.net 

The event was featured in the local news. 
Check out this article done by the local CBS News Channel KGWN!

The inaugural  “Governors Cup” two gun action shooting match concluded this weekend here at Otto Road Shooting Range.  Over 150 of the best competitors in the U.S. and Canada came to Cheyenne to shoot eight challenging scenario based tactical stages with handgun and rifle on paper and steel targets at ranges from 2 yards to 400 yards.  We were pleased to have Governor Mead attend some shooting events and take time to meet and greet with competitors and spectators.  The Governor also issued a proclamation for “Wyoming Range Day” which encourages participation in recreational and competitive shooting throughout Wyoming.  

The Governors Cup was a successful shooting championship which received local media coverage and made a positive impact on public opinion of the shooting sports.  We’d like to thank our members for their patience through the weekend as most of our shooting bays were closed to accommodate this successful event.

2017 Governors Cup

Check out local news coverage for this incredible event!

Enjoy additional photos and videos here. Thank you Renee for sharing!

For more information on the match 

Check out this drone video of our amazing range!
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