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OTTO ROAD SHOOTING RANGE is a private, members only range

located 8 miles West of Cheyenne, WY, on Otto Road.  

Follow West Lincolnway until it turns into Otto Road.

All regularly scheduled events are open to public(non-member) participation

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**Online membership renewal 
payment & forms are back but different then before**
We've changed the process and it's encountered 
a few hiccups that we are currently working on. 
About half of the due renewals have been e-mailed out.  
Allowing our members to fill out an sign their registration forms
and pay online.  Rest assured if you want to pay by mail or in person,
you still may do so.  Also, please know that if you have already paid
in person or by mail and then receive the email
to register and pay online.  You can just disregard that email
and know you are already taken care of,
unless for some reason we call you and say differently.
We hope to have everyone emailed before December 10, 2018.
Sorry for any inconvenience and misunderstanding.
Thank you all very much for your patience
as we implement this new process.

Afternoon folks. First we would like to thank you for your patience during our construction while upgrading our Long Range. We hope you enjoy the new enhancements. We appreciate all of our members and would like to remind you that as a shooting range safety is very important to everyone and the range rules must be abided by at all times. If you are found not following range rules your membership could be permanently revoked. Thank you to all who observe the range rules and keep us all safe.

For the past three years King Ranch and the Otto Road Shooting range have joined the efforts of responsible shooters to support the fund raising efforts of the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative and “Kathy’s Friends”.  During the month of September close to 100 participating shooters of Defensive Pistol, Precision Rifle, Steel Challenge, Action Pistol and the Well Armed Woman donated all match fees in addition to individual shooter donations.  All associated range fees were also donated.  Responsible shooters many times are lumped in with those who would misuse firearms for nefarious reasons.  Responsible shooters are good citizens, good neighbors and caring members of the community.  Thanks to Kristi Weidenbach for organizing events for Kathy’s Friends,  Mark Eisele of King Ranch and Hank and Dee VanGoethen Otto Road shooting range managers.  Mark your calendar plan to join us next year as we continue to support this worthy effort.


We are erecting 9 ft. X 13 ft. shade covers for 12 of our 26 bays.  We are offering you or your business to advertise on one of the shade covers.  We will place your 2 ft. X 2 ft. sign (you provide the sign) on the cover and you will also receive a lifetime single membership for just $1,000.00.  We only have 8 left! STEP UP FAST to claim your spot.  All covers to be completed by July 15, 2018.
Please contact Hank at 307-640-3847 or stop by the office and see us. 

Thank you to our NEW Sponsors!

Nick Fuerst a.k.a Bandit


Renewing your range membership?  
You now have the option to fill out your form and pay online*. 
Of course we still accept mail and in-person methods as well.
Click HERE for all your renewal options!
*Note: Extra fees apply.


Check out this drone video of our amazing range!
Thank you Mike!

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